things to do with clothilde

As you can see, I use robust kitchen scissors to cut the chicken on both sides of the dorsal bone, then I turn it over and I open it firmly by the sides. (Some advise to press on all its weight, but I do not think it is enough to really open the carcass.)

One does not throw the back bone, it goes without saying: one puts it in the freezer to bring it out thanks to a soup of chicken or a broth of chicken house.

Some tips before you get started:

Make sure your kitchen scissors are sharp and sharp. Mine resembles these.
As you handle raw meat, you must be particularly careful to work on a perfectly clean and non-porous surface, with clean hands and impeccable utensils. Once you are done, be sure to clean thoroughly.
Whenever possible, choose an organic and well-bred chicken. Eat less often if necessary.
It is possible that the chicken you bought will be clamped with string or elastic; Cut and discard before starting.
During the maneuver, you will hear the chicken bones crack. For some sensitive ears, this is not the most pleasant sound of the earth. But it is a good reminder of the reality of omnivorism: we are about to eat a chicken that was a living bird, with bones and everything and everything.
Funny anecdote to share with your diners at the same time as the chicken: in English, chicken in the toad is called butterflied chicken, butterfly chicken. It’s pretty, is not it?
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